Galenika-Magmasil is a company with long tradition. It is founded in 1950. in Zemun with the name “Miloš Mamić”. Up to 1969 it become an integral part of a powerful business system "Galenika”, later Galenika Holding.

In the1995 The Milos Mamić changed its name into "Galenika Magmasil”. In November 1997 Magmasil leaves of The Galenika Holding, becoming a independent company Galenika Magmasil. The basis of Galenika-Magmasil production program since seventies has been the silicate chemistry, which is highly developed during time .

In December 2004 Galenika-Magmasil became a part of "TRADEUNIQUE holding" and continues with successful work.

On 29th of August 2011 Galenika-Magmasil submited from ECHA (European Chemical Agency) REACH (Registration, Evaluation & restrictions of Chemicals) registration number FV262029-17 which allows GM to sell unlimited amounts of Sodium Silicate on European market.

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