Galosil is core adhesive which is used for bonding parts of the core in production of the foundry mold. It could be used for the core made of quartz, chromite, magnesite and olivine sands.



Dry mater ,%


Tensile strength

after 2h

min 196 kPa

Tensile strength

after 4h

min 686 kPa

Tensile strength

after 6h

min 748 kPa

Tensile strength

after 24h

min 1176 kPa

USE: Cut the top of the shutter and push through the cone necessary amount of adhesive. For larger core push a larger amount of adhesive and spread it with blade. For large core structure leave glued core to stay for 12-24h for better bonding.
STORAGE: In dry, ventilated areas at temperatures of 5 - 25 ° C.
PACKAGING: Tube 1kg, packing 20 tube in cardboard.